GJ101 Small-Scale Freeze Dryer

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GJ101 Small-Scale Freeze Dryer

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The GJ101 Small-Scale Freeze Dryer offers superior control and operation procedures, preventing inconvenient processes standard in other small freeze dryers that can contaminate material and compromise the power of moisture sublimation. This model series is equipped with programmable heating and temperature control functions, enabling users to easily monitor the freeze-drying curve and observe the process.


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Main Features:

In-situ pre-condensation, one-button start;
Adjustable and controllable production process temperature,
with ongoing program indication function;
Adjustable multi-stage temperature control programs, freeze
dryer’s program parameters can be changed during operation;
PLC control system, touchscreen operation, adjustable
password protection, display of drying curves and data,
with data storage, USB interface;
SUS304 stainless steel square trays that do not easily deform,
are corrosion-resistant, and can be easily cleaned;
Temperature and vacuum protection, ensuring proper
equipment operation and drying efficiency;
The drying chamber features a highly transparent colorless organic
glass door, allowing clear observation of material changes during operation;
Fully automatic control of the entire freeze-drying process,
selectable between program or vacuum mode;
One-button defrosting function for easy and quick operation